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How can we prevent enterovirus or prepare for an outbreak?

The best way to prevent spreading illness is to wash your hands often; disinfect items that are shared or frequently touched by many people such as toys, doorknobs and phones; and avoid contact with people if you do become ill.
At Sonora Regional Medical Center, we continually work to ensure we are prepared for any emergency situation. We really care about our pediatrics program and put a lot of effort into training. During the month of October, we will be focused on respiratory emergencies. We will be running mock code drills with a mannequin in the emergency department to simulate an actual pediatric emergency. The code will be called overhead for individuals from around the hospital to respond including nurses, respiratory therapists, and physicians. Children are not little adults. Medical response requires different equipment and different skills, such as placing a breathing tube. The mock codes allow us to practice specific pediatric skill sets so that we are prepared should an emergency or outbreak situation arise.

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