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If I am a patient and I am unhappy about an aspect of my hospital visit, what do I do or where do I go?

There are all kinds of avenues for people to use to communicate their experience. Within the actual hospital, we have a telephone line that people can call to voice their concerns. These comments are sorted and passed to the right director to handle. For these internal issues, we also have a grievance process if we are unable to resolve the issue right away such as with director involvement or by contacting the patient directly. If that still doesn’t fix the problem, we have a grievance procedure including a grievance committee who looks at finding a solution.  In addition, people can contact the Joint Commission to voice complaints. An email and phone number are available for people to contact. We have posters placed throughout the halls stating patient rights, one of which is the write to file a grievance. The phone number for both internal and external channels can be found on these posters as well as on our website.

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