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How long does a nerve block for back pain last? Is there a recovery period?

The nerves which were destroyed in the procedure do eventually grow back. This process can take between nine and 15 months. However, even when the nerves grow back, they may not send the same type of pain signals. Thus it is very difficult to predict how long this will last for each individual. Typically a patient has a better chance at obtaining longer-term relief if they are actively involved in an exercise regimen which would include low impact aerobics and core strengthening.

While the procedure only takes about 15 to 20 minutes at the outpatient surgery center, the patient is at the center for about two hours as the nurses and surgery staff monitor the patient. Following the procedure, patients are instructed to take it easy for the rest of that day but the following day they are cleared for any activity as tolerated, keeping in mind that it can sometimes take six to eight weeks for the nerves to completely die off and for the patient to achieve full benefit from the procedure.

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