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How can I help my teenager avoid ski injuries without holding her back?

Female athletes in general are prone to more knee and hip injuries because of biomechanical and anatomical differences from males.  The key to injury prevention in female athletes begins with core and abdominal strengthening and hip external rotator muscle strengthening exercises.  We then retrain female athletes with proprioception and balancing exercises.  Once we can gain core and hip stability we then focus on endurance training, as we are also trying to prevent fatigue injuries.  Several of the physical therapists in our community can identify and correct core instability issues and have programs that help prevent injury.  For those who wish to do their own program I would suggest Yoga exercises, P90X core and abdominal workouts, and P90X leg workouts.  In addition, some form of cardiovascular training should be instilled to help prevent fatigue injury.  Please don’t think that this only for female teen athletes.  I know that when I have skied my best in recent years, it is because I have employed all the above workout regimes.

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