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Why is it so hard to keep weight off?

Again, there is no magic pill for maintaining a healthy weight and diets do not work. Often people will diet, lose weight and then revert to previous habits, becoming discouraged when the weight starts to come back. A lot of us may have gained a few pounds over the holidays. Now is the time to get back into healthy habits before the weight gain gets out of control.

Many people also experience a plateau when trying to lose weight. There are many metabolic processes that take place when you make a change in your diet. People will lose a lot of weight and then plateau and become frustrated. It’s often a point when people give up on their diet. I recommend keeping an honest food diary to track all of the foods you eat throughout the day. If something isn’t working, this is a good way to identify the things in your diet you may need to change.

To lose weight and keep it off, people need to learn new behaviors and learn to eat healthy again.

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