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Who will take care of my child in the hospital?

Your child will be cared for by one of our pediatricians. But more importantly, your child will be cared for by nurses, respiratory therapists and other staff who have trained with the pediatricians. We run drills and engage in training exercises on a regular basis so the staff will always be prepared to respond to the needs of our youngest patients. The staff will always ensure that your child gets the very best care. Aside from clinical education, some things we stress in training include expecting the unexpected, treating children as individuals, and carefully safeguarding the feelings of the child and family. We treat each child as if he or she were our own child.
Because I have three school-aged children, when I make decisions whether a patient needs hospitalization I always think, “What would I do if this was my own child?” And when a child is hospitalized, they have instant kinship with me. When I was seven and my sister was four, my sister was hospitalized for diabetes. It was hard to see her reaction when she realized her family was leaving and she had to stay at the hospital. It was this experience that led me to become a pediatrician to help improve children’s experiences with health care.

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