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Are there any benefits for patients with a safe patient handling program?

The goal of any safe patient handling program is to decrease worker injuries and patient falls. We estimate that greater than 50 percent of our patients can benefit from our safe patient handling program. When people are sick they often can be at risk of falling, even if they were otherwise fully mobile before they became ill. Patients with pneumonia, heart failure, stroke, certain chronic conditions, and post-operative patients usually need more help. Even young, healthy mothers who’ve had cesarean section can benefit from early mobilization using our new mobilization equipment.

With the ability to safely get up out of bed sooner, patients are at lower risk of venous thromboembolism, pressure ulcers, and other complications. Patients also experience improved blood flow, respiration, and muscle strength. Being able to get out of bed helps patients feel better and heal faster. Because our staff has had extensive training on our new mobilization equipment, employees are able to help move patients with confidence, helping patients feel more confident in their care.

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