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Jurassic World

Twenty-two years after Jurassic Park opened on Isla Nubar, a dinosaur-themed resort attracts thousands of visitors each year, just as John Hammond envisioned. However, following a bad sag in turnout a new effort is undertaken to revitalize Jurassic World, but once again mankind’s attempts to interfere with nature bring ominous results. There is only one returning character from the original trilogy – BD Wong as Dr. Henry Wu. Chris Pratt plays Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard plays Claire, The kids are Ty Simpkins as Gray and Nick Robinson as Zach, Irrfan Khan is John Hammond’s successor, and Vincent D’Onofrio is the unappealing military-type with his own agenda.

“[Director] Trevorrow and his co-screenwriters deserve credit for milking two more worthwhile hours out of the Jurassic Park idea but there’s nowhere else for the concept to go. It’s played out. Another sequel would be folly.” James Berardinelli -Reel Reviews

“Although not terribly scary, and closer to PG than R in its frights and gore, Universal’s big summer action release is sufficiently toothsome to make audiences everywhere happy.”  -The Hollywood Reporter