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Horseback Riding

Few activities embody the West like a good old-fashioned horseback ride through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Enjoying the outdoors is a lot easier when sitting astride a saddle.


Go back to the past and experience an authentic stagecoach ride or enjoy a thirty minute guided trail ride through Columbia State Historic Park.

You can also saddle up for a guided tour on a horse for more information visit or for Information Call (209) 588-0808.


Bridlewood is the ultimate sanctuary for you and your horse. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains it is the perfect atmosphere for all equestrians. Bridlewood is one of the newest state of the art centers in California, ensuring that if your horse needs it they can provide it.


Yosemite Stables

To appreciate the rugged grandeur of the Sierras in a way similar to explorers in the 19th century, try horseback riding in Yosemite. The Yosemite Valley is completely encircled by bridle paths, and these trails bring you into contact with the natural world in a way you can’t otherwise experience

Also consider mules, these trail-wise and surefooted animals are perfect for exploring the scenic and rugged terrain in Yosemite National Park. Combine that with their calm and even temperaments and you have the ideal partner for your trail adventures. If you prefer horses, we have more of them stabled in Wawona where the terrain is easier and more gentle. Please note: Riders are paired with animals based on availability and appropriateness. You will not have a choice of which animal you will ride.

Two-hour, four-hour and all day rides are available. Eager to shed your pack and/or let someone else do the walking while you focus on enjoying the Yosemite back country? Custom, multi-day saddle and pack trips are also available.

The rates are the same for each of the three stable locations within Yosemite National Park. There are riding adventures for everyone. Children can ride ponies with guided leads. Experienced teens and adults can arrange for multi-hour rides into various areas of the park, and even take multi-day camp trips into the further reaches of the Sierras! Visitors of all ages and experience levels will enjoy the valley or climb into the mountains with your new equine friends, and appreciate the beauty of the Yosemite’s forests and streams in a whole new way!

Park Service Horse Facilities

Two-hour, four-hour, and all-day rides are available at the stables in Yosemite Valley, Wawona, and Tuolumne Meadows. Children must be at least 7 years old and 44″ tall. Maximum weight is 225 lbs.

  • For reservations, call:
    • Valley Stables – (209) 372-8326
    • Tuolumne Meadows Stables – (209) 372-8427
    • Wawona Stables – (209) 375-6502

High Sierra Camp Saddle Trips

For a more thorough back country experience, join one of this company’s organized saddle trips — with mules. 4-6 day treks leave from Tuolumne Stables and are led by experienced guide/packers who handle the details. They pack all the gear, feed and care for the stock and provide park pointers and lore along the way.

The maximum weight limit is 225 pounds per saddle (including rider). Personal necessities (15 pound limit per person) are carried on a pack mule. These trips are usually available July-September when weather and trail conditions permit.

Aspen Meadows www.aspenmeadowpackstation.com
Phone – Call us Summer or Winter: (209) 965-3402

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 3403
Sonora, CA 95370

Horseback Riding Kennedy Meadows

Guided Trail Rides, resort and pack station located 60 miles east of Sonora. Provides campgrounds, cabins, general store, restaurant, and horseback riding amenities.

Kennedy Meadows kennedymeadows.com
Phone – Call us Summer or Winter: (209) 965-3900

Address California 108,
Sonora, CA 95370

NOTE: Horses are available beginning Memorial Day weekend.

They offer shorter trips for the less experienced, or the people who just want a short trip. Day rides are the way to go if you want to have a longer ride, and still have time to have a picnic, and fish or hike around the wilderness.


  • Emigrant Wilderness
  • Lower Relief-5 hrs. / creek fishing / view of Granite Dome
  • Kennedy Lake-4.5 hrs. / excellent fishing and scenery
  • Lunch Meadow-6 hrs. / High Alpine scenery above tree line
  • Carson Iceberg Wilderness Trail heads
  • Min. 2 people / reservations required / $5.00 stock transportation fee per person added to Emigrant Basin Wilderness rates.
  • Seven Pines Trail – Red Peak, Sheepherder Camp.
  • St. Mary’s Trail – Saint Mary’s Pass, Sonora Peak, Carson River.
  • Dardanelle’s Cones Trail – Sword Lake, McCormic Creek.
  • Wheats Meadow – Sword Lake, Spicer Reservoir, Bergason Lake.
  • County Line – Spicer Reservoir, Drew Creek, McCormic Creek.
  • Arnot Creek Trail – Highland Creek, Hiram Meadow.
  • Iceberg Trail – Disaster Creek, Paradise Valley, Boulder Creek, Clark’s Fork Meadow.

Horseback Riding:

One of the most pleasurable ways to see the Stanislaus National Forest is on horseback. Approximately 400 miles of trails are suitable for riding, with several areas available for base camps. Regulations regarding group size and stock handling in the Wilderness are available at Forest Service offices and at trailheads.

Lower elevation riding and camping is available on the Mi-Wuk (lower Highway 108) and Groveland (Highway 120) Ranger Districts. Riding and camping areas on Mi-Wok include Thompson Meadow, Bourland Meadow, Reynolds Creek, Deer Creek, and Camp Clavey. On Groveland, you can ride and camp at Andersen Valley, and Kibbie Ridge. The area south of the Cherry Lake Dam is available for camping with horses.

Higher elevation riding and camping is available on the Summit (upper Highway 108) and Calaveras (Highway 4 area) Ranger Districts. On Summit, riders camp at the Clark Fork Horse Campground. Day rides into the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness are possible from Clark Fork. On Calaveras, riders camp at Highland Lakes Campground and Pacific Valley Campground. Day rides into the Carson-Iceberg and Mokelumne Wildernesses are possible.

A Wilderness Permit is required for overnight stays in the Carson-Iceberg, Mokelumne, and Emigrant Wildernesses. These permits are issued free of charge. Special livestock-use rules will be attached to your wilderness permit. Be familiar with wilderness regulations-whether for day or overnight use. Other areas suitable for traveling and camping with livestock include Eagle Meadow, Fence Creek, Herring Creek, and the Emigrant Wilderness.