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Government Pages

  • Animal Control (209) 694-2730
    What should a person do if they hit an animal with their car? Call Animal Control and report that the animal has been hit so that Animal Control can remove the animal from the roadway if deceased or if it’s injured, transport it to a veterinarian for treatment. Even if it runs off the road, it could still be injured and need assistance.

    • Call (209)694-2730 or after hours call (209) 533-5815
  • Is the driver at fault for hitting a dog? Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the answer is generally no. If the dog was in the roadway and not on a leash under the owner’s control, then the liability falls on the owner of the dog. You can sue a person for hitting your dog, but unless you can prove that a driver intentionally hit your dog or that they were driving recklessly, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to sue them successfully. In fact, it’s more likely that they could sue YOU for damages since your dog should not have been loose.
Tuolumne County Courthouse
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