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Jumping Frogs

I attended the Jumping frog jubilee last year and we will certainly be fitting it to our schedules this year as well. The kids had a very fun time! We purchased the unlimited kid rides bracelet and that worked out great. 

The kids loved the big slides and there was only a medium to short line so they went many times. I pushed a stroller from one end to the other taking in everything. The booths with ring toss and over stuffed toys, the rides the spin you around till you get sick (as fun as they used to be- no thank you!) When the kids saw the “big kid’s rides” they were very impressed and really wanted to ride those. Not sure if they will be tall enough this year but it is nice that they separate the two. We could have come and gone without them seeing the other rides.

Last year it was very, very hot according to the Historical Results Sonora was 97 degrees! The forecast calls for a full ten degrees cooler this year for the high temp and 52 degrees for the low. If you are there till the evening as we were remember your jacket but it will be absolutely perfect weather. I don’t remember getting many mosquito bites but there were quite a few that came out after the sun set. Bring the bug repellant there seem to be a lot of them this year too.

I remember the sunset was beautiful and it was a very pleasant evening with friendly people. No one was rushed and the vendors at the ring toss booths provided the “Step right up!” atmosphere with out the pressure. It is amusing to see people carry around those huge stuffed animals!

The frog jumping looked like a whole lot of fun. We have found many frogs that have wandered into our garage recently and the kids are getting used to handling them. Of course they are only an inch or two all huddled up. Jumping frogs are much bigger!

The Calaveras county fair grounds do cover a large area and we managed to cover a lot of it but it took a few hours. Do go for the whole day but don’t forget the sunscreen! The barn animals, rides, booths and the main attraction- the frog jumping are not to be missed. For the full schedule check our event calendar, for the 14th 15th and 16th It provides a satisfying and timeless carnival feel and is well worth it. Send in your videos and check out the ones that we have found in the multimedia section. Enjoy!