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Garage Sales

This fourth of July I found myself in my garage sorting and piling stuff. How does all of it multiply so quickly and leave no room for me to park my car?

Suddenly the booms of Ironstone’s fireworks thundered through the hills and I smiled longingly, wishing I were somewhere else.

Though spring cleaning went well, summer cleaning involves something much more complicated: planning a Garage sale.

I have posted an article in the Real Estate section called "Tips for a Successful Garage Sale"

Step three is advertise and’s classifieds section is a wonderful free way to advertise your things for sale. Whether you are selling individual items or want to post when and where your Garage, Estate or yard sale is, the place to do it is here.

The first step if you haven’t yet used our classifieds is to Create an account, and remember the classifieds accounts are separate from’s profile login. So if you haven’t created a classified account do that here first.

If you are on the other end of things and have items you can’t afford at full price remember that you can find local garage sales and items here and elsewhere. If you change the left hand settings for "General Ad Filters" by selecting "Ads from all sources" or increase the search radius to more than 50 miles away, you will see things in Modesto, San Fransisco and Sacramento and more! Happy hunting!

Good luck sorting and piling and selling your wares and perhaps once I get mine finished I’ll see you at my Garage sale!