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End of a busy week

Except for Twain Harte/Long Barn which starts on August 25th all the Tuolumne schools are finishing up the first week back to school. Several Calaveras schools were back July 25th others like Tuolumne just started.’s news story with the full list.

It was a short week full of questions and new schedules and trips to the store. As routines with transportation, after school activities, homework, and bedtime get hammered out everyone can feel a bit overwhelmed.

Remember School Bus Safety and keep life in perspective. It is all too easy to rush and expect the other cars and people to know where they are going and that you need to be somewhere now. The great thing about the Mother Lode is that there are a lot of retired people who will smile at someone like me who is stressed out and say "I remember those days." Kids do grow up very fast.

If you are retired and miss the chaos of organized events I highly recommend a trip to Standard Park this Saturday. From early in the morning till the evening Tuolumne County Youth Soccer (TCYS) kids will be playing. The under 5 are not having games yet- if you like watching bunch ball where the points don’t matter, and they are just learning to kick. It goes up to the 18 year olds, with parents cheering and coaching from the sidelines. My kids are still young and while it is exciting when a goal is made or missed I have always had an enjoyable time watching.

Of course there are plenty of other after school activities, football, martial arts, gymnastics, music lessons, swimming, theater… If all of that has you stressed out take a deep breath or go for a walk, be kind to yourself and others and relax. Remember the days are getting a little shorter and as all the shopping displays remind us Halloween is coming up…? Wow time really does fly!

Enjoy everything while you can and take your time getting where you going. Life is a journey not a destination.