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Donor Fund Grant Updates

In my March blog, I wrote about the importance of Donor Funds providing grants to various projects and programs throughout Tuolumne County. It occurred to me that readers of this blog might enjoy a report on some of the local projects that are making a difference and have received grants from Donor Funds held at the Sonora Area Foundation.

1. Kiwanis Childspree – The Kiwanis Club of Sonora, in conjunction with Walmart, provides a back-to-school shopping spree for children in need. Including this year’s spree, approximately $100,000 will have been granted since 2002. Prior to the beginning of school this year, sixty children will participate in their shopping spree purchasing clothes, backpacks, and school supplies.

2. Food for Thought Project – This project began as a challenge to participating local students and volunteers to move toward greater food and energy independence. The “Potato” was chosen by the Dirty Kid’s Club at The Education Option because of its value as a food source and its history throughout the world. Last fall, over 4,000 pounds of potatoes were harvested. The total project was documented by the students in “The Potato Book” which serves to “encourage community service and food security everywhere.”

3. Fit for the Future – A new program during the 2011 -2012 school year, Fit for the Future is a collaborative effort between the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools Office, Sonora Regional Medical Center, and Tuolumne County Health Department. The goal is to eliminate childhood obesity in Tuolumne County. Check out for more information.

4. Front Porch Science and Math Grants – Front Porch Communications supports a number of educational programs in our community through its Donor Fund. Of note are grants to our local schools to support teaching of the sciences and mathematics to our children. From accelerated math education at Jamestown Elementary School to a field trip to the Chabot Space and Science Center for students at Summerville Elementary School, a positive impact is being made on local science and math education through the Front Porch Fund.

5. Summerville High Academic Decathlon – Since 2004, Donor Fund grants from the Sonora Area Foundation have helped support Summerville High School’s Academic Decathlon Team at the State Competition. The students work hard to prepare for the annual competitions and the Foundation is proud to have been a part of the team’s continued success.

The above are just a few ways that Donor Funds make a difference, and you can be a part. If you think that you would like to be a donor and help make these and other programs and projects a reality in Tuolumne County, give us a call at 533-2596 and let’s find a way for you to make a difference.