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Unpacking after a move: how to make it easier and faster

So, you finally managed the logistics of your move and are now standing in the middle of your new home feeling utterly at loss? This is the moment where your packing and unpacking skills come to a test – living in an empty house full of boxes isn’t the right first experience you should have after moving. Here are 7 tips to help you unpack easier and faster than you thought possible.

  1. Pack with unpacking in mind

This is the key to a faster unpacking process – if you decide to divide your stuff into separate boxes for different categories, you’ll only lose time. Later, it might become much harder to find things you’re looking for. If you opt for packing your drawers and shelves exactly as they were in the old house, you’ll instinctively know where your most important objects are located.

  1. Just do it

The biggest problem with unpacking is procrastination. Seeing a pile of boxes, we’re more likely to turn our backs and get out to hang out with friends or family, instead of facing it right away. Well, it’s better not to put this moment off and simply plunge into it. Remember that unpacking is always faster than packing.

  1. Unpack by room

When looking for professional removalists, try Oneflare: Once the movers arrive with all your boxes, make sure to distribute them all to correct rooms. Being presented with a heap of boxes in the living room won’t motivate you to deal with them. Having everything ready will not only facilitate the unpacking process, but also make the whole situation of moving much more organized and structured – simply easier to digest.

  1. Start with the most important items

When starting to unpack, you should focus on getting things that will be essential for you to survive for the first few days. A mattress, a cover, your favorite pillow, toiletries and a few outfits will be enough to get you going. When it comes to food, it’s best to simply opt for take-out during the first few days of your move.

  1. How to unpack the bedroom

Bedrooms are tough to unpack because they’re full of furniture you might have to assemble first. If you’re too exhausted to make your bed, just take out your mattress and sleep on top of it – think of it like camping, and you’ll be fine. Take your time to assemble and arrange all your furniture. Unpack your clothes focusing on those you wear often and which are in season.

  1. Enjoy a functional kitchen

Instead of arranging your glassware for hours and hours, concentrate on the basics. Plug in your fridge and other appliances. Unpacking utensils, plates and cutlery is best done when stretched into a few days – this way you’ll also be able to perfectly arrange your cabinets, instead of throwing things at random and later forgetting where you stashed them.

  1. Don’t decorate mindlessly

Just because you always put this decoration on your coffee table doesn’t mean it should land there in the new house as well. Take your time decorating a space that’s supposed to feel homely and comfortable at the end of the process.

Remember that unpacking isn’t a race and should be done at your own pace. If you spend a few days doing nothing but unpacking, at the end you’ll be too tired and irritated to throw a great housewarming party. Relax, take a deep breath and follow the tips above – unpacking surely won’t become a nightmare!


Written by Monique for Realty Times Staff for Copyright © 2015 Realty Times All Rights Reserved.