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Plan now for your big move this summer

(BPT) – The big move – it should be in all-caps and announced with a deep, authoritative voice. THE BIG MOVE. And it’s coming to your family soon. It might be from one house to another across town, or it might involve crossing many state lines. No matter the distance, amount of belongings or number of people, your big move is going to be a big deal.

There are ways to plan for your move so the big event doesn’t overwhelm you. Here are five moving tips from Penske Truck Rental, which has been helping customers complete their big moves for more than 40 years.

1. Less is better – The less you have to move, the easier your move will be on your body and your wallet. It will also be easier to fit everything into your new house. While packing, create three piles. The first is your “must-go” pile. The second is your “must-sell” pile, which includes anything you haven’t used in the last year, anything you have multiples of and anything you just don’t want any more. The third is the “must-throw” pile, and it contains anything that can’t be sold at a garage sale or donated. Start creating these piles now, and it will make moving day much easier.

2. Stock up on supplies – Big boxes might seem like a great idea because they can hold so much stuff, but what happens when you try to lift one and carry it down a flight of steps? Stock up on boxes of multiple sizes, but keep in mind that smaller is much easier to carry. Also stock up on foam and bubble wrap to protect your fragile items, a good supply of packing tape and bold markers for labeling boxes. You’ll also want to have moving blankets and hand trucks to make it easier to transport your items.

3. Rent a truck – One trip makes the big move simple, even if you’re just moving across town. Penske Truck Rental guarantees a truck for every reservation. Most movers find the 12- or 16-foot truck perfect for moving a few large items or the contents of a small condo or apartment. For guidance with larger moves or with your truck selection, visit

4. Pack smart – Load the heaviest items on the truck first. When you’ve got a sturdy base of the heaviest items, you can start stacking on top. This is when it’s handy to list a box’s contents on its side. If you have friends and family helping, they’ll know not to set books on top of your china.

5. Safety and security – Trucks are taller, wider, heavier and require more stopping distance than the vehicle you are used to driving. Take extra precaution, especially when the truck is loaded. Watch out for low-hanging tree branches and building overhangs, and use extra caution when cornering. To protect your belongings, park in well-lit areas and padlock the rear door. To make sure you’ve got everything you need on moving day, create a travel bag for keeping important paperwork, credit cards, identification, a change of clothes, drinks and snacks close at hand. For a complete list of moving tips, visit

As you cross days off on the calendar and the big day approaches, these tips will help you sail through the event with few conflicts. Before you know it, you’ll be settled in your new home.