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Things to Ensure Before Choosing a Packing and Moving Company

Go for the Best

Packing and moving is often a tedious task. It involves loads of involvement and contribution of time as a key attribute. A major factor is the cost parameter. Relocation is not as easy as it seems. One of the other major factors that are to be considered is the cost. Even if at times relocation services get a little expensive, there should not be any compromise on selecting the appropriate Packer and Mover Company.

Go For Reviews

One of the other important packing and moving tips include properly evaluating authentication factor based on company reviews. Researching on the moving companies is essential for a stress-free relocation. Carefully review the comments written on the website of the company as well as on other authenticated websites so as to know about its genuineness. Identify which reviews are for real and which are fake. There are many websites out there that could be created for promotion purposes and are so influential that their fakeness overcomes its genuineness. Most of such fake websites are enhanced with eye-catching images, reviews and testimonials that hold no authorization. So, to avoid falling prey to such scams it is essential to differentiate between authenticate and duplicate websites to ensure a safe and joyful shifting experience.

Get Reviews from Acquaintances

Ask for reviews and comments of a particular packing and moving company to your neighbors, family, friends, colleagues or any of the close acquaintances. While you shortlist any company, it is very much important to bear in mind the questions like, “What kind of service is suitable for your need? Which company can offer it properly? What is the guarantee? Do they have any insurance policies? Are there any other branches in the locality?”

Search for their Branches

Dealing with post relocation hitch could be of great tension. There are many things that you will have to keep an account of; like receipts, insurance policies on damage of any item, cross-checking all the goods and receiving assistance on any misplaced ones etc. All of these could be well targeted when there is an easy access to the company. So, one of the other important tips to find trusted packers and movers focus on ensuring the establishment of the selected company’s branches both at source and destination. More the branches better, smooth and flexible will be the shifting experience.

One on One Meeting

Most of the times, the biggest mistake we make is by choosing any company on their first impression. Usually, this impression is phone based. Never falling prey to their marketing strategies without having a complete knowledge of it. Before deciding to select any one of the shortlisted companies, make sure you call for a face-to-face meeting at least once before finalizing few. This will let you have at least 50 per cent of idea of how their system works and to what level is their authentication.

Hidden Costs

One out of all those factors related to the entire relocation process, which could boggle your mind is the hidden cost factors that pop into the picture right on the exact relocation day. Usually, to avoid quarrels on the deal, we either overlook and quietly agree to all terms and conditions or pay the cancelation fees and repeat the entire process either by self or other company. So, try keeping it straight and simple of items to be shifted. Notify the company agent about the exact number of items and their sizes that are to be moved.


Most of the times, packing is the major concern. Asking about the company’s insurance policies is one of the stress-relieving tips to find trusted packers and movers. This could be targeted by asking them about their insurance criterion and eligibility right at the day of first meeting. When the Packers say that they have packed the items, for instance, say a china dish dinner set, ask them, “What would you offer if at all it breaks?”

Damage Claim

you are supposed to make a claim, prior to signing the inventory sheet. All the facts on the original inventory sheet, given to you, should be reported in detail. If there is any damage post unpacking process, a claim should be filed within nine months post delivery. So, it is best to report the damage as early as possible.

Free Service

There are many companies that offer free service as a compliment before or after the relocation process. These complimentary services could be in the form of either discounts or shopping cards/coupons, or any other such forms per the company management policies. Make sure you get thorough information about the same and ask for it on company committed time.

Written by Shri Prasad for Copyright © 2014 Realty Times All Rights Reserved.

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