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Money Saving Moving Tips

(ARA) – For many, moving can be a daunting task. Whether your new home is across town or across the country, advanced planning is important. In addition to devoting time to organize and pack your belongings, make sure to put aside time to prepare financially as well. Here are some tips to get you started.

Create and Stick to a Budget
As in any aspect of life, keeping a budget of expenses when you move is crucial. Create a list of expected expenses the moment you decide to move. Remember to include things like boxes, packing material, movers, cleaning services, gasoline, restaurant meals and maybe even a hotel stay. There will always be unexpected expenses, but by creating a list ahead of time, you’ll be ready for them!

Hiring a Mover
If you plan to hire a professional mover, get quotes from several different companies. Costs are typically determined based on the weight or the number of rooms that need to be moved, the distance between your old home and new home, packing and unpacking requirements and the time of year. Expect to pay more during peak moving times. You’re more likely to find a deal if you move in the spring or the fall. Try to avoid moving over holidays and on weekends when costs are highest. Remember that the lowest price may not be the best deal – thoroughly review each company’s policy for coverage of items that are damaged or broken during the move.

Affordable Packing
Even if you hire a professional mover, you can reduce the cost by packing and unpacking yourself. Plan ahead and shop around for the best deal on packing materials and tape. Collect boxes at work, your local grocery store or check the online classifieds. Many movers also offer used boxes for free.

Condense the Weight
Limit travel weight by eliminating heavy items. For example, that heavy jar of change sitting on your dresser could be used to purchase something fun for your new home! According to Coinstar, there’s about $10 billion in loose change sitting in homes across the U.S. (that’s about $90 per household). Since you’re already packing, collect all the loose change throughout your home and take it to a nearby Coinstar Center. You’ll get free coin counting when you place the value of your change onto a gift card. Visit for details and locations.

Get Rid of Unused Items
This is the best time to go through those forgotten boxes and get rid of the things you and your family no longer use. Hold a yard sale prior to moving, sell items to your local second-hand store, online or donate them to charity for a tax write-off. You’ll save on moving and gas costs because you’ll have less to move.

Turn it Off
Schedule ahead to have your cable turned off the day of your move. If you are in an apartment, schedule to have the heat and electricity turned off and moved to your new location. If moving from a house, turn off the water heater and lower the thermostat. Don’t leave on any extra lights and make sure the doors and windows are locked and sealed so that the area is protected while empty.

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