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What Are the Features of an Entertaining House?

If you ever watch real estate shows, you’ll often see the participants say they want to be able to entertain. What does that mean as far as the features in a home? If you’re someone who likes to throw dinner parties or you regularly host gatherings, what features should you look for in a true entertaining house?

An Open Kitchen
Probably the most popular feature of any home where there’s going to be a lot of entertaining going on is an open, modern kitchen. Kitchens tend to be the inherent gathering point of any home, plus if you have a lot of parties or dinners, then you’re probably cooking a lot too or at least prepping in the kitchen.

If you’re in the market for a new home and you love entertaining, look for a kitchen that’s wide and open where people can gather.

Having a spacious kitchen island or a bar is a good option too.

In general, an open floorplan is suitable for entertaining because people can move about easily without being trapped in tight spaces where they can’t talk with another as easily. You want guests to feel like they can mingle pretty freely in your home.

A complimentary dining area adjacent to the kitchen is also good for entertaining.

Basement or Recreation Room
A basement or rec room area is great for entertaining all ages. For example, if you have teenagers, a lower-level area can quickly become where they migrate.

There’s a lot you can do with these additional spaces, like having a game or media room, a wine room, or a card room.

When you have a lower level, separate space for entertaining, you can also have other things going on in your home at different times without people getting in each other’s way.

Indoor-Outdoor Continuity
When the weather is nice, it’s great to bring a party outdoors. If you’re an entertainer, look for a home with a nice flow from the indoors to the outdoors. For example, maybe pocket doors open to a deck or patio.

An outdoor kitchen is great for entertainers, and even if your home doesn’t already have one, they’re relatively simple to add on any scale and based on a wide range of budgets.

Half Bath on the Main Floor
If you host frequently, look for a home with at least a half bath on your main floor and close to the gathering areas.

You don’t want your guests to walk upstairs or through a bedroom to go to the bathroom if possible.

It’s always nice when you can keep the more private areas of your home separate from your entertaining spaces.

Guest Suite
Finally, if you’re a household that likes to entertain, you might also have guests from out of town who come to stay with you.

With that in mind, you’ll also want to consider the layout of the guest rooms if you buy a new home.

It’s best if the guest area can be completely self-contained with its own bathroom, and preferably in a different area of your home from the other bedrooms.

That way, if you do have guests overnight, you all have privacy.

Written by Ashley Sutphin for Copyright © 2024 Realty Times All Rights Reserved.