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Want to Feel Safer at Home? Follow These Tips

We all love that taste of independence when we have the keys to our apartment. Having no one bossing you around or dealing with an annoying roommate can be quite exhilarating for many people. However, living alone isn’t always that grand- especially when it comes to your safety.

If you aren’t feeling safe on the premises of your home, your fun experience can quickly turn into a nightmare. That is why you should never compromise on the safety precautions of your house, whenever you are deciding to live alone.

Make sure to look into the following tips to help you manage the security of your home and keep yourself safe from any future threats.

Increase the Brightness

Brightening up your home makes people feel safer and prevents burglars from intruding into your house.

It is mostly under cover of darkness that thieves prefer to rob a place-so the shade itself is what we should be careful about during the night. You can connect motion detectors with lights that are pretty inexpensive and work like a gem to spot out any incoming intruders. You can install these lights around your house, especially in the dark corners, so that you have an advantage of the extra layer of defense.

You can also try out some apps or devices that put a timer on your home lights. You can have them on a timer, so it looks like you are always at home even when you aren’t or if you are feeling unsafe at your residence at night.

Increase Home Security

It is vital to install the best home security system in your house so that it can permanently take care of any lurking burglars and ease your anxiety at the same time.

Check out the existing security system of your house, and if you still don’t feel safe with it, then you can add a new layer of protection with combined security systems to boost your safety precautions. Previously, security systems were expensive and difficult to use. But now they have become much more affordable and user-friendly. These security systems can monitor your house, detect any suspicious activity, and alert both you and the authorities as soon as possible.

Devices such as doorbell cameras and motion detectors can be super helpful as well. They are some of the best accessories that can detect any activities of the criminal from the start. Plus, burglars usually tend to avoid approaching homes layered with these kinds of security systems.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

When you don’t know anyone in your surroundings, it is sure to put you on edge every time you are home alone.

You can start by being friends with your neighbors. This way, you can evaluate the type of people they are and eliminate any fear you feel from their side. And that’s not all. You can also count on these people to offer some security for your home whether you are away or inside the house.

Nosy neighbors can be your best extra layer of defense. If they know when you are at work and when you aren’t, they will have the right to interrogate anyone suspicious roaming around your house when you aren’t around.

Check the Safety in Your House

Evaluating the security of your home helps to eliminate any threats that endanger the safety of your home and yourself included.

You should do a thorough check of the safety of your home, preferably before you move into your new home. Since every house has its quirks, it can be helpful if you familiarize yourself with them.

Check out to see if whether there are deadbolts added to every entrance. Investigate entry points such as your windows and look into how secure they are.  Assess the condition of your house and let your landlord know about any creaking doors or any continuous suspicious sounds so that they may look into it and fix the problem.

Be Smart with Your Keys

One of the things that many home dwellers forget is that they aren’t the only ones that have the key to your house. People such as landlords or previous owners might also have the key, and that puts your safety and the security of your home at risk.

Make sure that you change the locks of your house and that you are the only one with the key to your home. If you wish to make a spare key, don’t hide them under the rug or a pot plant. Give them to a close friend or a relative instead.

There is also another factor most people don’t realize when they are standing outside their doorway. If you fumble with your house keys before entering your home, it can be seriously dangerous for you especially if you come home after work at night or live in a quiet town.

Criminals can take advantage of the darkness and rob you while you are searching for which key you use to enter your home. Make sure that the house key is separated from others so that you can swiftly enter and lock your doors within a matter of seconds.

Be Careful Online

We know that you can’t help but keep posting stuff like anyone else- but you need to be careful about the things you put up online that can threaten your security.

Posting your current location can be the biggest giveaway you can provide to potential criminals. They know when you aren’t at home, and that helps them to pick out the time when they can invade your home.

Make sure that you don’t hint out to others online when you are going out, if you are living alone or when you plan to come back home etc. The more privacy you control, the safer you will be from any criminals approaching you.

Emergency Exit Strategy

Despite having a proper security system, there are still times when you feel uncertain about your safety. And whatever you do or act in the face of danger can determine your future safety, so having a backup plan is an essential part of your protection.

For worst-case scenarios, you must create an emergency exit response strategy. Practice your fire escape strategies, the know-how to inform authorities and who to connect with in case of any emergencies.

When you have a backup plan set up in the back of your head, it can help you respond better to emergencies. Your anxiety will be kept at bay once you have a clear idea of what you can do to keep yourself safe against the odds.

Written by Barbara Raynott for Copyright © 2023 Realty Times All Rights Reserved.