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Signs That It Is Time To Renovate Your House

Renovating your home requires a significant investment. To make the most out of each penny you spend, you must renovate only when it’s needed.

So how do you know if it’s high time that you renovate your home?

Check out these tell-tale signs:

Your Home is Deteriorating
The rate at which your home deteriorates depends on many factors, such as the quality of its construction, the materials used, and the type of climate you live in. Deterioration is a major reason for renovating a house. However, it isn’t always easy to spot deterioration because not all signs can be seen directly.

So what are the signs that your home has gotten substantial wear and tear?

• The tiling system in your home starts to detach. This is most common in areas like the kitchen and the bathroom.
• The roof is leaking.
• The wall paint is chipping, plumbing fixtures are damaged, and the floors are creaking.

As mentioned, other structural problems are not noticeable. It’s a great idea to enlist the help of a professional home inspector at least every year to spot problems early on and have them repaired.

You Have Enough Funds
Every renovation project – big or small – requires money. According to Home Advisor, the cost of home remodeling ranges from $18,466 – $75,350. Yes, it can be very expensive that’s why you need to be financially prepared. To save on the cost, consider tackling necessary projects first, such as home repairs. Note that a lot of times, you might go overboard with your budget. It’s inevitable. But you want to at least keep the unexpected costs at a minimum. If you have sufficient equity in your home, you can use that to finance your home renovation project.

You Need More or Less Space

You could be expecting an additional member in your family soon, your teens wanted a little more privacy and ask to have their own bedroom, or your grownups may have decided to move out. Renovating your home is a great way to meet the changing needs of your family.

You Lack Enough Storage
Is your kitchen looking crowded? Do the contents of your cabinet fall out whenever you open its doors? Has it come to the point when you rather order takeout because cooking at home has become incredibly difficult? Renovating your home to add more storage space can make you stay organized and keep your home clutter-free. Thankfully, modern designs of cabinets and storage systems are not only stylish but also space-saving. Examples are hanging cabinets, multifunctional furniture, built-in wall shelves, and the like.

Your Home Becomes a ‘Home’ to Pests Too
Pest infestations could mean that low-quality materials have been used in your home or they are already deteriorating. Additionally, it could mean that your home is in a very untidy status. In whatever case, it only means that your home needs some renovating. Pests like ants, termites, and rats may not only cause damage to your home structure, they can also pose health risks to your family. Mold is another major issue. Minor mold infestation on surfaces can be removed using commercial cleaners but mold buildup in between walls, behind counters, or around pipes is best addressed by renovation.

Your Home Looks Outdated
When was the last time you gave your home a facelift? Maybe your living room has become unwelcoming or your kitchen looks like it’s one from the 1960s. Beautifying your space may not be an immediate reason to renovate your home. But if your home interiors are becoming a source of bad vibes or negativity, and that being at home makes you feel more stressed than being outdoors, you should really consider renovating it.

There are many reasons to renovate your home. If you notice one or more of these signs in your property, it’s time to start planning your renovation project.

Written by Ana-Maria Sanders for Copyright © 2022 Realty Times All Rights Reserved. Ana-Maria Sanders is a content writer and marketing manager at In her current role, she is responsible for managing the finance and operations of securities. Expect from all these, she loves writing blogs on various topics to give insights for managing finances and loans