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Real Estate


Five Core Matching Questions For Buyers

What should buyers search for in a real estate professional to ensure success? more

The Nasty, Money-Sucking Downside To Rising Home Values

The higher property taxes are the product of an improving economy and rising home values nationwide. more

How Vulnerable Are Real Estate Sellers to Litigation?

Regardless of who is making big money, all real estate professionals are vulnerable to lawsuits. more


New Forms and Procedures for Mortgage Loans

New Forms and Procedures for Mortgage Loans will surely cause a hiccup or two. more

11 Ways You’re Giving Money Away When You Buy You House

There are many things that can help you save some cash when buying a home. more

Online Home Values and the Price of Your Home

Estimating a home’s market value is far from an exact science. more

Home Improvement

How to DIY Your Home to a Great Looking Home on a Budget

Today you can do almost anything you want on your own, even with limited experience, and cash. more

Got a Free Saturday Afternoon? Improve Your Home Security

Here are some do-it-yourself home security improvements you might want to make. more

Termites 101: What every homebuyer should know this spring

Termites cause about $5 billion in property damage every year… more


Why Older Homes Rock

You could appreciate older homes more if you know a little about their history. more

How to Make A Purchase Offer On A Home

You’re ready to make an offer on the home of your dreams. But before you do, make sure you’re really ready. more

Have You Considered Leasing Your Home?

Your housing market may be heating up, tempting you to sell your home. more

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