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Real Estate


Eight No-skip Steps To Buying a Home

There are eight major steps to buying a home and each one is as important in its own way as the last. more

Is A Second Home The New Moneymaker?

How do you know when buying a home for weekend use, vacations, or as a legacy property is a smart choice? more

6 Home Seller Procrastinations: What Are You Waiting For?

Knowing when to sell can be a significant challenge for owners. more


10 Ways To Get That Down Payment

With rising rents across the country, you know you might even save a few bucks every month as a homeowner. more

No the sky isn’t falling…

TILA-RESPA are just some new rules to be aware of… more

Why You Should Just Buy The Home You Want

Affordability Shmaffordability – Why You Should Just Buy The Home You Want more

Home Improvement

HOA Pool Kick Off

Follow these basic steps or having a qualified pool care professional open your pool properly. more

Was winter hard on your hardscape?

Tips for simple DIY repairs. more

Give your Landscaping a No-Maintenance Makeover

Low- and no-maintenance features top the list when making over outdoor living spaces. more


Plan now for your big move this summer

There are ways to plan for your move so the big event doesn’t overwhelm you. more

Unpacking after a move: how to make it easier and faster

Here are 7 tips to help you unpack easier and faster than you thought possible. more

How To Know If You Should Stay Or You Should Go

Should you stay or should you go? more

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