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Times Are Changing: Smoking In Your Condo

Smokers, beware! “The times, they are a-changing.” And with more and more marijuana use, this is now a hot-button topic. If your next door neighbor in your condominium association cooks his native food which creates an objectionable odor, will your … more

Moving To A 55 and Older Community: Is It Right For You?

For a lot of people a 55 and older community can mean spending your retirement living with people your own age… more

Prevent falls this fall with a home safety checklist

(BPT) – After months of sticky heat and humidity, it’s time to put away the shorts and pull out the sweaters because the autumn season is finally here. But, late September brings us more than just cooler temperatures and a … more


California Bureau Of Real Estate Opens It’s Books

The California Real Estate Commissioner, Wayne Bell, believes in transparency and he practices it. To that end, the recently-released Fall issue of the Bureau’s Real Estate Bulletin contains a thorough and readable report of its activities for the FY (fiscal year) 2016-2017 … more

House hunting and credit: What you need to know

(BPT) – By now it is something of a cliche to call homeownership the American dream. But even if sitting on your own deck, looking over your picket fence and sipping lemonade doesn’t move you, homeownership is still one of … more

All home warranties are not created equal

Having a home warranty is a smart way to help deal with the inevitable home repair problems more

Home Improvement

5 Effortless DIY Projects to Prep Your Home for Fall — and Beyond

There’s no denying it, fall is here and winter is quickly following behind. more

Hot home design: 4 things to consider when choosing siding

Selecting new siding is one of the most important curb appeal decisions. more

Focus on a single element to get the feel of a remodel for less investment

Dreaming of a renovation but lacking the time and resources for a full upgrade? more


It’s A Dog’s Life For Millennials: What’s Really Driving Their Desire To Buy A House

Millennials are opting for buying or adopting pets to satisfy their caretaking needs. more

Moving tips, services to make military families’ moves go smoothly

Moving is hectic for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for military families. more

Don’t sweat your summer move: 10 tips for smarter moving

Moving is hard work no matter what time of year you do it. more