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Real Estate


Ask The HOA Expert: Issues With Termites, Mice and More

Question: We have an issue with termites and mice. Do HOAs typically take care of insect and rodent infestations? Answer: If the HOA has common wall construction, the HOA must take care of this kind of problem. Since pests move … more

Ask The HOA Expert: Outdoor Areas

Questions about outdoor furniture in the common area, decks and more. more

Landlords Not Liable For Everything

Residential landlords are all too used to learning of new laws or court decisions that expand their liabilities and/or make life more difficult. more


Wire Fraud Advisory Will Provide Much Needed Warning

This past week the legal staff of the California Association of REALTORS® (CAR) provided an advisory about the problem of fraudulent hacker activity in real estate transactions. more

How The Boomers’ Record Inheritance Will Impact Real Estate

A Canadian perspective on how inherantence has affected the housing markets there. more

Broker-owned Escrows Need To Submit Activity Reports

The California Real Estate Commissioner is more than a tad annoyed with one segment of the real estate community. more

Home Improvement

Complementing Your Smart Irrigation System with Sustainable Solutions

8 additional considerations to complement your smart irrigation system for a truly sustainable landscape. more

How To Renew Your Deck In 5 Easy Steps

Summer is here, which means you need to take a hard look at your deck. more

Summer Smarties Solve Winter Disasters With Your Home

Summer time is the right time to think about heading off winter disasters. more


Time To Remodel Or Buy? Consider Insurance In Your Decision

Is it time to remodel, or is it time to buy a new home and move? more

Go Green To Save Green: 6 Earth-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

It often seems like home improvement projects will never end. more

Tiny Homes

Are We Really Destined To Stuff Ourselves Into 300 Square Feet? more