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Real Estate


Recency Thinking In Your Homeowner’s Association

Recency is the tendency to consider the most recent information as more important. more

Expect Unexpected Costs, Chores When Selling Your Home To Move Up

Key steps can help keep you under budget on costs and on target for the best return on your investment. more

Special Rules Apply When Tenant-Occupied Property Is For Sale

Agents who have for-sale listings of tenant-occupied properties need to comply with the rules governing showings and notice of entry. more


Don’t Miss These Homeowner Tax Benefits

One of the most useful yet widely misunderstood benefits of homeownership is tax deductions. more

Reverse Mortgages 101 For Seniors and Their Heirs

Older homeowners are looking for ways to supplement their income. more

A ‘Kick-Out Clause’ Can Protect Home Sellers

When there is an offer the buyer cannot afford unless they sell their house first. more

Home Improvement

Ways to Create a Welcoming Front Porch

Amp up your curb appeal and make guests feel more at home… more

Buying An Historic Home

You may already have some ideas of things you want to do to your new home, but before that, do a little research… more

Pro Tips For Interior House Painting

6 tips for painting your walls like a pro. more


11 Things To Do Before You Move Into A New House

Before you step foot in your new house, there are a few important things you should take care of. more

10 Things To Do After Moving To A New City

Check off the things on this list to help you feel settled in your new home. more

Plan now for your big move this summer

There are ways to plan for your move so the big event doesn’t overwhelm you. more

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