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Real Estate


Landlords Not Liable For Everything

Residential landlords are all too used to learning of new laws or court decisions that expand their liabilities and/or make life more difficult. more

Insurance And Animal Bites In Your HOA

Homeowners in California filed the most dog bite claims according to the Insurance Information Institute.

A Seller’s Guide To A Winning Open House

An open house is your opportunity to plan and strategize how you are going to win over buyers… more


How The Boomers’ Record Inheritance Will Impact Real Estate

A Canadian perspective on how inherantence has affected the housing markets there. more

Broker-owned Escrows Need To Submit Activity Reports

The California Real Estate Commissioner is more than a tad annoyed with one segment of the real estate community. more

What To Do When Your Tax Appraisal Comes In High

Rising equity means rising property taxes… more

Home Improvement

The Art Of Tree Pruning In Your HOA

There is an art and a science to pruning a tree. more

5 Basement Renovations That Pay Off

Some ideas for updates to your basement that are worth exploring. more

Designing Your Home Like A Pro In 10 Steps

Pulling together a flawless home isn’t easy. But you don’t need to be an expert (or hire one) to create an inviting space – you just need to follow a few expert rules. Heed these designer tips to get a … more


Go Green To Save Green: 6 Earth-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

It often seems like home improvement projects will never end. more

Tiny Homes

Are We Really Destined To Stuff Ourselves Into 300 Square Feet? more

What To Look For When Buying Or Renting A Handicap-Friendly Home

If you or your loved ones need assistance buying a home can be daunting. more