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Home Improvement

A Homeowner’s Guide To Water Filtration

Is a home water treatment system a luxury or a necessity? more

Making The Most Of Your Small Backyard

Small backyards can sometimes seem limiting in terms of what you can add to them. Don’t be deterred though, as there is a plethora of ways to decorate it. Small backyards have many landscaping options to make them beautiful and … more

7 Interior Trends That Are “Out” For 2017

It’s important to pay attention to the features, finishes and items that will keep your house nicely updated. more

Replacement And Disclosure Of Plumbing Fixtures Required

If they haven’t done so already, California owners of single-family residences have slightly less than thirty days to replace any noncompliant plumbing fixtures on their property with water-conserving ones. This requirement is the result of a state Senate bill (SB … more