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Real Estate Finance

If you become disabled or laid off, how can you pay your bills?

Life’s unexpected, expensive surprises that can easily result in a bill of $1,000 or more. more

Budgeting basics for first-time home buyers

(BPT) – Sponsored Ad content from Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. You wouldn’t dream of going somewhere you’ve never been before without first getting directions. So, why would you go through life without a plan to help meet your financial … more

Home Sellers Need To Understand Liquidated Damages

Liquated Damages Clause Can BE Valuable, But May Be misunderstood Is a liquidated damages clause a good thing to have in a real estate contract? If so, for whom is it good? The buyer? The seller? Both? Like so many … more

How To Make Your Offer On Your Next Home Stand Out

It may seem hard to imagine but, yes, the cycle has spun around and in some markets there are bidding wars leaving buyers wondering, “What can I do to make my offer stand out?” The real estate market is again … more