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Scanner 911

Scanner 911

Listen to live police and fire calls right here on Scanner 911. You'll hear the live transmission of emergency services from Calaveras, Tuolumne and Amador counties as they happen. The CHP website is here. cad.chp.ca.gov

You can listen as long as you like and still surf the Internet simply by clicking away from this page. To stop Scanner 911, click the "CLOSE" link in the media player window.

Features: Scanner 911 is an MP3 stream taken from emergency frequency scanners located locally at the MLI office and in Amador County. They scan the broadcasts from the agencies listed on the frequency pages.

How it Works: Scanners check the local frequencies and lock on to a transmission for as long as there is some activity on that frequency. It is not unusual to go for extended periods (several minutes of silence at a time) without hearing a transmission. What it means is that there is a very low level of police or fire activity at that time.

Local Law Enforcement News

10 Codes
10-0 Use caution 10-50 Under influence of narcotics
10-1 Reception poor 10-51 Subject is drunk
10-10 Coffee break 10-52 Resuscitator needed
10-100 Civil disturbance – Mutual aid standby 10-53 Person down
10-101 Civil disturbance – Mutual aid request 10-54 Possible dead body
10-10A Break, at home 10-55 Coroner’s case
10-11 Assist other officer 10-56 Suicide
10-12 Visitors are present 10-56A Suicide attempt
10-13 Weather, road conditions 10-57 Firearm discharged
10-14 Citizen holding suspect 10-58 Garbage complaint
10-15 Prisoner in custody 10-59 Security check
10-16 Pick up prisoner 10-6 Change channel
10-17 Request for gasoline 10-60 Lock out
10-18 Equipment exchange 10-61 Misc. public service
10-19 Return to, or at station 10-62 Meet a citizen
10-2 Reception good 10-62A Take a report
10-20 Location 10-62B Civil standby
10-21 Telephone 10-63 Prepare to copy
10-21A Advise home 10-64 Found property
10-21B Phone home 10-65 Missing person
10-21R Phone dispatch 10-66 Suspicious person
10-22 Disregard 10-67 Person calling for help
10-23 Standby 10-7 Out of service
10-24 Request car-to-car 10-70 Prowler
10-25 Do you have contact with… 10-71 Shooting
10-26 Clear 10-72 Knifing
10-27 Driver license check 10-79 Bomb threat
10-28 Vehicle registration 10-7A Out of service at home
10-29 Warrants [vehicle] 10-7B Out of service-personal
10-29A Warrants [subject] 10-7 od Off duty
10-29F Wanted for felony 10-8 In service, available
10-29H Caution-hazard potential 10-80 Explosion
10-29M Wanted for misdemeanor 10-87 Meet officer at…
10-29R Wants [subject] 10-9 Repeat last message
10-29V Vehicle involved in crime 10-91 Animal
10-3 Stop transmitting 10-91A Stray
10-30 Against radio regulations 10-91B Noisy animal
10-32 Drowning 10-91C Injured animal
10-33 Alarm sounding 10-91D Dead animal
10-34 Assist at office 10-91E Animal bite
10-35 Time check 10-91H Stray horse
10-36 Confidential info 10-91J Pickup/collect
10-37 Identify operator 10-91L Leash law violation
10-39 Come to radio 10-96 Out of vehicle, send backup
10-4 Message received 10-97 Arrived at scene
10-40 Available for phone? 10-98 Finished, available for call
10-42 Check on welfare of… 10-99 Open police garage door
10-46 Ambulance enroute    
10-48 Ambulance transfer call    
10-49 Proceed/enroute to…    
10-5 Relay message    
11 Codes
11-10 Take a report 11-65 Signal is out
11-12 Loose stock 11-66 Signal out of order
11-13 Injured animal 11-79 Accident-ambulance enroute
11-17 Wires down 11-80 Accident-major injury
11-24 Abandoned auto 11-81 Accident-minor injury
11-26 Abandoned bicycle 11-82 Accident-prop. damage, no injury
11-28 Rush radio regis. 11-83 Accident-no details
11-29 Rush radio stops 11-84 Direct traffic at scene
11-41 Ambulance 11-85 Tow truck
11-44 Coroner’s case 11-98 Meet officer, rendevous
11-47 Injured person 11-99 Officer needs help
11-48 Transportation    
Misc. Codes
Code 1 At your convenience Code 33 Emergency traffic only
Code 10 Bomb threat Code 4 No further assistance needed
Code 12 Notify news media Code 43 TAC forces committed
Code 2 Urgent (no lights/siren) Code 5 Stakeout
Code 20 Officer needs assistance Code 6 Responding from long distance
Code 22 Restricted radio traffic Code 7 Mealtime
Code 3 Red lights & siren Code 8 Request cover/backup
Code 30 Officer needs help Code 9 Set up roadblock
Misc. Codes Continue
Special thanks to Jasper Hamilton
10851 Stolen vehicle 406 Hostage
10852 Tampering with vehicle 415 Disturbing the peace
11357 Possession of marijuana 415E Disturbance, noise
141.8 Bomb threat 415F Disturbance, family
187 Murder 415G Disturbance, gang figh
20001 Hit & run, felony 451 Arson
20002 Hit & run, Misdemeanor 459 Burglary
207 Kidnap 480 Hit/run (felony)
211 Robbery 481 Hit/run (misdemeanor)
217 Attempt murder 484 Petty theft
23103 Reckless driving 487 Grand theft
23109 Exhibition of speed 488 Larceny – petty
23152 DUI 5150 Mental case
23153 DUI, felony 594 Malicious mischief
240/242 Assault & battery 602 Trespassing
245 Assault with deadly weapon 647F Drunk
261 Rape 653M Obscene phone calls
288 Lewd conduct Alert 1 Aircraft in trouble
314 Indecent exposure Alert 2 Impending aircraft crash
374B Dumping trash Alert 3 Aircraft crash

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