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What do toolbars do and what should I install?

Question: It seems that there is a toolbar for everything these days, what do they do and should I install them?

Answer: Toolbars are the series of buttons at the top of a window that execute specific functions when pressed. Downloadable toolbars perform the same function except that they usually execute a web-based result like bringing up a webpage. The most common toolbars include a search feature and pop-up blockers. While toolbars can provide some convenience for commonly used tasks, they can also pose security risks. Some toolbars gather and send data based on your use. Others are classified as adware, making your computer a target for advertising and pop-ups. If nothing else, numerous toolbars will cause clutter and make your browser more cumbersome and use up system resources. If you do download and install a toolbar, be sure you know and trust the vendor.

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