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Why is my computer so SLOW?! Part 3-Maintenance

Question: Why is my computer so SLOW?!

Answer: Have you asked yourself this question? I’m going to give you a few tips that you can use to determine what might be done to solve the never-ending quest to make your computer faster (besides buying a new one!).

Let’s begin with starting your computer. Does it take more than five minutes? Ten? How about when you double-click or load any program like Internet Explorer (the big blue ‘E’)? Do you remember how fast it was when you first got it? Those were the good old days… If this process takes longer than five minutes, you may have:

Part 4.

Too Many Programs – Over the course of owning a computer you must install programs onto it. These range from Firefox, Antivirus programs, Toolbars, Instant Messengers, to Google Earth, etc. A lot of the time, when these programs are installed, they want to automatically start up first so that you’ll use them often. Over time the computer will acquire too many programs that all load each time you start your computer (you can see this by the number of icons in the lower-right hand corner of your screen), which makes the whole system very slow when starting up. If you don’t use a program, it is wise to uninstall it; though, you want to make sure that you know exactly what you’re removing for sure before you do so!

Written By Jameson Hightower
Mother Lode Internet
Technical Support Team

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