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Setting up a dial up connection in Windows Vista

Question: I just got a new computer that has Windows Vista, how can I create a dial up connection and put a shortcut to it on the desktop?

Answer: To create a dial up connection in Windows Vista, you will first click on the Windows Orb (formerly known as the Start button) and then select Connect To. This will bring up the Connect to a network window. Next select Set up a connection or network link located at the bottom of the window. In Choose a connection option, select Set up a dial up connection. Click on Next. Now you will be prompted for Dial up telephone number, user name, password, and connection name. Enter in the phone number, user name, and password that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) gave you. For the connection name, enter in what you would like to name the connection, example: MotherLode Internet, My Internet Connection, or even I’m Still Stuck on Dial Up! After filling in the four pieces of required information, select the Connect button. This will then attempt to connect to your dial up connection, once it has completed select Browse the Internet now button which will open your internet browser. The Select a Location window will also open asking you where this connection is located, so go ahead and choose Home or Work depending where you plan on using this connection. The Successfully set network settings window will appear indicating that you have completed creating a dial up connection, select Close to finish. If you would like to place a shortcut to that connection on your desktop, click the Windows Orb, then select Control Panel. When the Control Panel opens, select the Network and Internet category then select Network and Sharing Center. Now select Manage Network Connections from the list of options on the left hand side of the window. This will display all of your network connections including your dial up connection that we just made earlier. Right click on the dial up connection and choose Create Shortcut. You will get a message stating that the shortcut cannot be created in the Network Connections and it will ask you if you would like the shortcut placed on the desktop instead, select Yes. Now you have your dial up connection created and the shortcut to it on the desktop.

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