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Pressing print button doesn’t print the e-mail

Question: When I go to print an e mail, nothing happens when I hit the ‘print’ button. What is wrong with my internet connection?

Answer: Actually, there is no connection between you internet connection and your printer. While some of the programs that use the internet will also use the printer, it does not mean that the problems are connected. Most people have one printer. If you follow the instructions for installation, the printer will usually become the default printer. This means that when a program is told to print it will first try and print on the default printer. If you have upgraded from another printer, there is the possibility that the old printer is still set as default. On a Windows based system, if you go into Printer Settings from the Control Panel, you will see all the printers installed on the computer. There you can make sure that the printer you have hooked up is also the default printer. Also in the program itself, instead of using the quick-print taskbar button, try going into the menu and selecting the option to print. This will bring up the print box where you can select which printer to use, how many copies, etc. This should make it easier for the program to make use of your current printer.

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