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How to Check Email Using Web Mail?

Question: How to Check Email Using Web Mail

Answer: As we approach the holiday season and many of us our away from home, on the road and visiting friends and family, it would be nice to use our email away from home. For Motherlode Internet customers, here’s how:

Once connected to the Internet, go to the following address (type it into the address bar as shown): and hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

Enter your email user name (the first part of your email address) where it asks for “User Name”. In other words, you’re your email address is, your user name is csmith. Then enter your email password. Click the “Enter” button.

You will now be looking at your MLI mailbox directly on our Mail Server. The email that you see is waiting to be downloaded to your email program on your computer – however, by checking your mail through Web Mail, you can read waiting mail, delete unwanted mail and compose new messages.

Remember, any messages you leave on the Mail Server will be available when you check your email from your computer at home. You can delete anything you do not want and not be bothered downloading the junk mail when at home.

IMPORTANT: Before logging out of Web Mail, click on “Trash” (located on the left-hand side of the screen). Select “All” so a check mark appears in front of everything in the “Trash”. Then click on “Remove all messages from folder”. This will prevent your mailbox on the server from becoming full and bouncing messages.

If you have a question for our technicians, please email us by clicking here.