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Should I backup my computer?

Question: Should I backup my computer?

Answer: Yes and No. Hard Drives die when they do you loose your data. So yes — you do need backups — but what do you need to backup is the real question. Most people only need to backup small amounts of data but since they don’t know how to pick out what they want to backup they do a full backup of the entire computer. Backing up your entire computer can be costly as the more of your hard drive you use the more backup space you need. If your computer came with a reinstall package then you really only need to backup your Favorites, Desktop items, Address Book, My Documents, Email and downloaded programs. If you were to loose your computer then you should be able to reinstall the operating system and all programs from there original disks and then put back your backup copies. Though this may not work for every one for most people this is exactly what you need.

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