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Our political leaders are once more convening an “open” meeting to “debate” the question of military action against Syria because of the use of chemical weapons on civilians.

Isn’t it ironic that the nation that has used more chemical weapons over the past 50 years is now crying “wolf” about another government’s (who we do not recognize as a “government”, but a “regime”) us of those weapons?

Remember Agent Orange in Vietnam?

Remember Fallujah and the brutal use of White Phosphorous weapons?

Remember the fiery use of Napalm in Korea and Vietnam?

Remember the use of depleted uranium in the Balkans and Iraq?

We, the United States of America are attempting to condemn (without true definitive evidence, because it’s a “secret” to reveal that “evidence”) another “regime” for that which we have prolifically used ourselves. And, what about our “allies” whom we arm twist at every turn of our attempt to get them to follow our “lead” in condemning those “regimes” who defy us? Israel used chemical weapons in “Operation Cast Lead” (2009) which constitutes a war crime. Are we asking Congress for permission to attack Israel? Why not?

U.S. literally defines terrorism as other people doing what we ourselves consider our right to do. The US and the rest of the “civilized world” exclude themselves from any culpabilities when they do what they condemn others doing……and we bleat, “terrorism”! How much longer can we play this dastardly game? Once more we are being fed falsehoods, ambiguities and shady “evidence” so as the Congress and the US administration, in my opinion, can cover its collective rear end. Haven’t we heard this sonata before?