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Public briefing: Lawmakers Aim For Open Defiance of Law

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Date(s) - 11/20/2022
6:30 pm

Mother Lode Fairgrounds


For its inaugural launch, the Tuolumne County Chapter of the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) will host a nonpartisan public briefing (6:30 PM Sierra Building Sonora Fairgrounds), discussing how the reintroduction of a defeated gun control Bill (SB 918) threatens disaster upon local businesses; increases consumer costs, and makes our community less safe. Yet the ambitions of State Lawmakers are clear. For example; speaking against the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in NYSRPA vs. Bruen, Governor Newsom emphatically promised: “Make no mistake, make no mistake, this is a radical decision… But we’re not going to give up. We will not give up… It’s time for us to stand up. …and to do everything in our power, everything in our power, to push back against this radicalized and politicized Supreme Court.” The overwhelming objective facts, however, contradict both the Governor’s words and sentiment.

Economist and bestselling author, Mark Skousen (identified as one of the 20 most influential living economists), aptly noted: “Unintended consequences from regulating or legislating to achieve a goal can occur and cause havoc in the markets or an economy.” Whereas the “goal” of State Lawmakers is plain; defiance of U.S. Supreme Court precedent, evading the constitutional rule of law they swore to uphold.

At the event CRPA Tuolumne County Chapter Chair Pro Tem, Mark Villaseñor, an accomplished five decades Disability Rights Advocate will deliver the keynote briefing. The focus of the talk centers on how The Unruh Civil Rights Act (California Civil Code §§ 54 through 55.2) imposes statutory damages of $4,000 per instance, even if a business doesn’t expressly intend to violate ADAAA,3 pursuant to the California Supreme Court’s ruling (confirmed by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals) in Munson vs. Del Taco (2009).4 Put another way; by following provisions of another SB 918-like gun-related law, all California businesses (especially those in small communities) factually violate other state & federal laws. And it matters not how a business operator(s) feels about firearms, ambitions by State Lawmakers threaten harm – irrespective of political leanings or partisan considerations.