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Volunteers Needed – No Waiting

Chances are that you have been helped by a volunteer today. It may have been the envelope that came in the mail that was stuffed for a fund raising campaign, the grass fire being fought by the local fire department, the assistance you received for the items that you dropped off at ReStore, or the seats that you were shown at the theater – most likely, a volunteer was somehow involved.

Volunteers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, levels of education and amount of commitment. They help distribute food or clothing to those who need it most; mentor and tutor children who thrive on the support and attention; spread the word about the importance of the arts in our community; or serve on advisory committees or as decision makers on boards of directors.

Some volunteers may only be able to give a couple of hours a week or month; others commit to be available 24/7. They may drive great distances to pick up or drop off; fly to assist an underserved population; hike or pack to search for yet another missing hiker.

I have previously written in this blog about giving back by being a donor and supporting the grant making mission of the Sonora Area Foundation. However, being a volunteer just might be the ultimate expression of the term “giving back.” It demonstrates a very personal passion for wanting to help in our community and can put you on the front line of how an organization serves our community.

Volunteers are needed to help our many non-profit organizations, units of government or other volunteer based groups. If you are already out there giving your time and energy, thank you! The system does not work without your selfless acts of volunteerism.

If you are not sure how to get started, give me a call at 533-2596. Let’s talk about where your interests lie and perhaps my staff and I can give you some suggestions.

Take the time to think about the last twenty-four hours. You were helped by a volunteer, weren’t you? And aren’t we all better for it?