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The Richness Of Small Town Help

Last month, many of us read on My Mother Lode about the Bloomberg Business article that identified Sonora as #36 on the list of richest small towns in the United States.  The ranking criteria were largely based around housing statistics and didn’t touch on other criteria that could be selected to help judge the relative wealth of a community.

But that’s OK, because being placed on such a list often helps someone who may be thinking about coming here – as a visitor or as a permanent resident – to perhaps take a closer look at the benefits of what we have to offer as a community.

It is my hope, however, that our placement on a list of the richest of anything does not lead one to the conclusion that we don’t have needs – because we do.  From homelessness to hunger, women’s issues to emergency shelter, veterans support to a broad spectrum of social service needs – they all exist here in #36 and they all need your help.  The recent fires have created their own, special needs.

We’ve arrived at the end of a very long summer of drought and are looking forward to the start of fall, when holidays are just around the corner, a football chill is in the evening air and maybe even a little rain is on the horizon.

It’s also traditionally a time for giving back.  Whether you volunteer your time, make a donation of personal property or write out a check, the non-profit organizations of our community would like to hear from you.  Funding for many non-profits still has not recovered from the Great Recession and they rely upon community foundations like the Sonora Area Foundation, and community donors like you, to help find a way to provide their services.

And if you are a part of the group that helps to make us #36, I really want to talk to you!   After all, your life in Sonora and Tuolumne County is more than just a number derived from playing with statistics.  You have the resources that allow you to take advantage of the opportunities to really make a difference in our community.

My experience at the Foundation tells me that a lot of you already do.  If you are looking for a way to get started, or to explore some new ideas for charitable giving, give me a call at 533-2596 or stop by my office on S. Stewart Street.  Let’s talk about where your interests lay, what resources you can bring to the effort and how rewarding giving back can really be.

I suspect that if Bloomberg ever does a list for communities making a difference, Sonora and Tuolumne County would be #1.