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Season’s Greetings

Hello! Nice to see you again. Let’s cut to the chase. What do you think peace sounds like?

Oh really? You think peace sounds like quiet? As in “peace and quiet?” Nothing loud, like bells ringing, choirs singing. .. .? Softer than that?

Oh, I know it’s a tough question and you’ve got to get going, but there is great value in keeping one’s thought processes sharp and fresh, so stay with me on this!

Ok, Ok, I know you’re busy. How about if I tell you what peace sounds like to me?

It sounds like a million little conversations in which participants are irritated with each other, but set the irritation aside in the hope that by exercising politeness, the ability to use it will grow. Peace sounds are sometimes heard in unlikely places, like when people try to get their ideas across in public and don’t have much luck. Sometimes that can be loud, but for me, it still sounds like peace, or at least what peace makes possible. You see what I mean?

Oh, all right. Let me just leave you with this:

The look and the sound of peace are great subjects for musing all through the year, but particularly during the season of peaceful thinking.

No, not wishful thinking. Peaceful thinking.