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Round Up

My favorite part of the Round up is the small town feel the day before the parade when you walk downtown in the evening and people have set up chairs to claim "their spot".

This also reminds me of a Letter to the Editor that I got and did not post. The auther "Ann Onymous" wrote:

Round Up Crowd"I saw you steal the lawn chairs from the Soulsbyville horseshoe pit, next to the tennis court.

Please be more careful on your next heist, you stumbled quite a lot up that hill; which had me worried but it was probably because of all that extra weight you were running with. (Those chairs are heavy when stacked!)

You may be asking yourself, "What do you care? Were they yours?"

Well, no in fact they are not mine and honestly if your life was so desperately missing plastic green lawn furniture, then by all means steal away! We are in a recession after all.

But regardless, I do know who they belong to and how upset he and his fellow horseshoe players will be.  I hope those chairs break…"

I edited out quite a bit of the letter, but I can understand the frustration and I wanted to allow that voice of distain to be heard.

I enjoy a community that looks after each other, that recognises injustice and I believe and our radio stations play a big part in keeping the community informed of wrong doings and wrong doers.

Humans are social creatures; we have created a society with rules and property and ownership rights. Respecting other people’s property and what someone else owns is part of what being civilized is about.

Do smile at the line of chairs on Washington Street and don’t worry about losing your chair or your spot. We have reporters and camera phones everywhere in the Mother Lode!

Let’s once again show that we can celebrate in a way that is respectful to our neighbors. Practice the good manners your Mom taught you: "Treat others the way you would like to be treated" and enjoy the Round Up parade!