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A Personal Legacy

There is a time for every season. In the world of charitable giving there is a time and a place for an individual or couple to investigate the idea of establishing a personal legacy for themselves and/or family members. When meeting with prospective donors it is extremely rewarding to listen as to how they would like to achieve their financial and charitable goals in an effort to give back to their community. For many of us, there is a time in life where our hard earned labor through the years has produced much fruit. The question then arises, what do I want to do with the fruit and how do I wish to share my good fortune with others? “Too whom much is given, much is required.” Certainly these words ring so true.

I would encourage those who are at that season in life where they are contemplating their charitable giving to set up a time to meet with Sonora Area Foundation staff. At the same time it is recommended that potential donors seek professional legal advice from a Will/Trust Lawyer and/or Financial Accountant/Advisor. I can not emphasize enough how important it is that you take the time to strategize and seek professional advice in developing your charitable plan. I am sure that you would like to see your hard earned dollars maximized using all available IRS tax credits. Regardless of the reasons that you want to give back, you have important and often complicated decisions to make.

I recently met with an individual who had entered that season in life where they wanted to begin planning as to how they wanted to give back to their community. This particular individual had worked very hard to build-up their financial assets. What a delight it was to hear that they would like to set up a charitable fund. This donor wanted to give to those community groups and organizations that are near and dear to this person’s heart.

Presently, the Sonora Area Foundation administrates 173 funds. All fund accounts are invested and managed by licensed, professional financial advisors. Through the years, the Sonora Area Foundation investments have average just over 9% in returns. We are the brokers of philanthropy for Tuolumne County donors and their causes.

Creating a personal legacy to the benefit of others is a very noble achievement. Our staff would be glad to give you a copy of the “Giving Back” guide which will help you develop a giving strategy that will meet your particular needs. You can give now and continually during your life time or as a bequest in your Will or Trust.

The decisions you make about how you give back can have a powerful impact on you, your loved ones and your community. They are decisions that can make a difference for many years to come. If you have entered your season of giving, Sonora Area Foundation is here to help you in giving back to your community.