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Navigation Change

Today marks the first time since April 1st 2009 when the “new look” of was launched that we are significantly modifying the links to better incorporate additional features.

Specifically the upper tabs “Living” and “Community” are being combined. There is now a new upper tab for Coupons to give it the prominence it deserves. For more about the Coupon section read my Coupon blog. There will be a small unused gap for some people, it provides space to expand when larger fonts are used (this is a browser specified control and varies with each version).

We could let you discover and perhaps re-discover information as it has moved around, but I would like to take the time to let you know exactly what things have changed:

Community Tab: Events, Blogs, Dining Guide, Community Guide (which has a link to the Mother Lode Round Up info) Destination Guide (places to visit), Recreation (things to do), Fire Info, Pet Patrol (for lost or found pets)

Scanner 911 which was under the Community tab is now in a more reasonable spot in the Multimedia tab with other Multimedia things like our Audio Programs, Videos, and Photo Gallery.

Health news and Obituaries have also moved to the main news home page over to the right with the link to School Delays.

The most curious move is Recipes to the Entertainment section. We all know Maryann and her delicious experiments are for the guests she entertains, but for the chefs and aspiring chefs Recipes are now located in the Entertainment section.

The full summary:

    • Health moves from Living to News
    • Obituaries moves from Living to News
    • Scanner 911 moves from Community to Multimedia
    • Pet Patrol, Events, Dining Guide, Recreation and Destination guides move from Living to Community
    • Entertainment has Movie times, Horoscopes, Lottery, Recipe and Soap Opera information and more!

So if you haven’t explored the deeper information on now is a great time to explore. To submit your event to the Event Calendar bookmark this new link: /community/events/events-submit-form.php