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Local schools need your help

Tuolumne county teachers do a great job in the classroom. The county office supports their efforts by supplying budgets for their classrooms. In these tough economic times, help is sometimes needed. There is a simple way for the community to help out. is an online charity connecting individuals, like you, to classrooms in need.

This nationwide program grew out of a New York City high school when teachers asked the community to assist with learning materials, when items were scarce.

A social studies teacher, Charles Best, felt lots of community members would like to help out if only they knew what was needed and how to direct their donation to the specific area they wanted to help with. Charles created in 2000. Community was then able to connect with the classrooms in need.

While teachers are given a budget to purchase materials, it is known that most teachers pay for materials out of their own pocket, sometimes over $500 per year. This website allows teachers to post requests, like books, microscopes, art supplies and field trips. As a community member, you can support the classroom of your choice.

Currently, there are two dozen local teachers’ projects online. We are hoping for more as the word gets out.

The process for helping our local teachers is simple:

Go to:

This will give you a list of all the Tuolumne County projects currently active.

You can browse projects requests and give any amount to the one that inspires you. Once a project reaches its full funding goal, Donors Choose arranges delivery of the materials to the teacher at their school.

The neat thing…you can give as little as $1 and get the same level of choice, transparency and feedback that is traditionally reserved for someone who gives millions. It is called CITIZEN PHILANTHROPY. Any amount donated helps the cause.

The Donors Choose team is vigilant about providing end-to-end integrity for each classroom funded through their site.

Right now, there is a special promotion from Bing that they will donate $3 to any Donors Choose project you select by going to:

Every little bit helps our local teachers!