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July Activities

Like many in the area this year I’ve opted to save money this summer by mostly staying local. But deciding to stay home doesn’t mean I have given up on summer fun altogether. Here is my report of fun things I have done and plan to do.


Enjoy The Water

Summer and water play go hand in hand. I’ll probably head out to the coast at least once but I don’t have to head to the beach to make a splash. Since I live near Murphys throughout the winter and spring I noted Murphys Creek and took the kids to Murphys Park many times. When we arrived there on a day where the temperature was over 100 degrees the kids naturally headed off to the play equipment. Eventually they wandered back to where I was enjoying wading in the cool water and in no time they were fully immersed and totally thrilled with the light current. Their favorite part was being able to go under the small foot bridge.

Natural Bridges provides the same kind of cold water light current experience. The hike down with an inner tube is pretty challenging but the experience of floating through the natural arch way would be worth it. Dogs are not allowed to minimize ticks in the area. I did see some tiny and harmless fresh water leaches so the inner tube is highly recommended- unless you don’t mind them.

When I lived in Tuolumne Pinecrest was a favorite (it has 4,807 facebook fans) and there are many, many other lakes and rivers in the area. Several are listed in the destination guide here. For those who have a boat, I have been watching all the fun that the water skiers and fishermen have on New Melones.

While you’re having fun in the water, remember to get enough water into your body. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water whenever you take part in outdoor activities. Don’t leave home without some water bottles- and even better have some partially bottles in the freezer.


Going Hiking

There are many trails in the area and I am working my stamina up to hike Half Dome in Yosemite. The 300 daily permits for Friday, Saturday and Sundays through October 11 (when the cables come down) have long been sold out. The local hikes I have been on offer peaceful time to appreciate the great outdoors. While the local views are not as famous as Yosemite valley the Mother Lode has many picturesque hills and valleys.

This year the misquotes are out in force so I use plenty of bug spray and always wear sunscreen.



I can’t fit all the upcomming events here, but they are listed in the event section.



You can use some of your favorite high-tech items to make your summer stay-at-home vacation more enjoyable.

Just like camping in your own back yard can be fun, there is something equally more enjoyable about watching TV outside. Carry the flat-screen TV and DVD player out to the backyard and set up a summer movie night for the whole family. Keep your radio on hand for enjoying the local stations when you’re in your backyard, whether it’s watching the kids play in the kiddie pool or hosting a sophisticated adults-only barbecue for some close friends.

Enjoy the summer Motherlodians!