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For Good. For Ever. For Free.

You may be familiar with Sonora Area Foundation’s slogan: “For good. For ever.” Maybe we should add: “For free.”

That’s right, Sonora Area Foundation (SAF) doesn’t charge any fees to administer any of its funds: Cost for individuals, nonprofits and businesses to set up a fund? Zero. Cost for SAF to research nonprofits and community needs that align with funds’ goals? Zero. Cost for SAF to process grants, issue checks and report to the IRS? Zero!

Tuolumne County businesses looking to expand their charitable outreach should consider the benefits of establishing a fund with SAF. Businesses can save time and money by letting SAF do the work of identifying deserving organizations, projects and programs, and administering grants. With SAF doing the legwork involved with charitable giving, businesses are free to focus on business.

When you set up a fund at SAF, you determine your fund’s purpose – anything as broad in scope as “charitable purposes” to as narrowly focused as “scholarships for Columbia College biology majors.” When SAF receives a grant request that fits your business’s charitable mission, we’ll let you know about the request and you determine what amount (if any) to contribute. If you decide to award funds, SAF issues the check and your business is recognized for its contribution.

Up until recently, we had only one business fund: Front Porch. However, we have added several additional charitable business funds, including: Dodge Ridge Resort, Caldwell Insurance, Comcast, McMillen Jacobs Associates, Black Oak Casino Resort and Oak Valley Community Bank. These organizations see the value in partnering with SAF to reduce their charitable administrative costs.

You may wonder, what’s in it for SAF? Partnering with new businesses brings SAF increased exposure and expands its ability to meet community needs through increased charitable dollars available and, potentially, through funds that target previously unreached segments of the community.

There also is value in the “indirect partnerships” formed by all SAF funds’ donors: While one fund may not be able to fulfill 100 percent of a request, it may be one of many that contributes a portion. Together all the donors — and SAF — share in the victory of meeting that community need.

Is your business looking to maximize its charitable giving? Would you like to free yourself from the time required to diligently research and process charitable requests? Consider partnering with Sonora Area Foundation — and with other charitably minded community members — for good, for ever (for free!).

For information on establishing a charitable fund with Sonora Area Foundation, call (209)533-2596 or email