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Be industrious and frugal, and you will be rich. — Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

My parents and grandparents instilled in me a sense that "A penny saved is a penny earned." I like the idea of having a rich life by being frugal: spending less and saving more.

The first part of frugal living- spending less, to me means cutting things out of the budget. It gets very tiring and a bit depressing. It feels like I am always saying:

"No, that is not in the budget. No, we can’t afford it. No, we don’t have money for that."

But there is the other side: there is more to life than material wants. Being industrious and saving more can be fun! I enjoy working hard and finding sales, deals, and coupons. My family gives each other coupons. Coupons for doing other people’s chores are my favorite!

To me a coupon is a record of a promise to do a future act of kindness.

The internet is a great tool for researching deals. Huge brands and large retailers offer all kinds of savings online. Of course they want you to buy more stuff!

We all know that spending money locally supports local jobs. So is offering an amazingly simplified solution: post a coupon for your local goods or services in our new coupon section!

If you want to live the life that you want to live – the life that you dream of living – don’t focus on what you can’t afford. Pay it forward, use the local coupon section to promote what you have to offer. Small or big we all know it is intimidating to try something new but supporting local business and each other is vital to our local economy.

Shop local, create a micro economy of sharing and promote it right on the home page of the most viewed website in the Mother Lode!

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If you have things you want to sell or give away outright post them in the classifieds. Most sections are completely free- you never know what you people will post!

All classified ads are posted for seven days at a time. This means that they are extremely current – hurry to make an offer before the item disappears! For more about classifieds see my blog. My blog with tips about avoiding scams is here.

Good luck living frugal from!