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Civil Comments

Do you post comments on If so, we appreciate your contributions.

This blog signifies a firmer approach to moderating in line with the already in place rules:

Comments that are “detrimental to the community dialogue”, broadly disrespectful, use language not appropriate or antagonistic will not be posted.

There is nothing more useful than respectful dialog that occurs between people who are diametrically opposed. In high school and college debate teams I witnessed this in the “Lincoln Douglas Debate” competitions.

“If you lose your temper, you’ve lost the argument.” And as John Morely said “You have not converted a man because you have silenced him”

Posting your frustrations will not resolve anything and Personal Attacks will not be approved

Great Comments
The comment sections are of great use for posting more information, being supportive when tragedy strikes and yes, disagreeing about the way the country is run.

“ cannot assure the truthfulness nor accuracy of information posted on the discussion boards.” We asked that you carefully consider your comments and possible ramifications before posting.

Most Wanted
These news stories are provided by local law enforcement agencies. Comments related to the appearance of the person are not constructive and will not be posted.

Stay on Topic
If the comment doesn’t add an opinion or additional information, consider sharing it in a different social network setting.

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Above all remember… CIVILITY.