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2011 Centenarians

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Tuolumne County Commission on Aging’s Centenarian Society Event
The Commission on Aging honors those who have reached or surpassed the age of 100 years. A special recognition and honoring event is held more or less yearly and was held this year and last at the Tuolumne County Senior Center on Greenley Rd., in Sonora. The Commission takes nominations for individuals from family members, friends, churches, residential care and skilled nursing facilities who are asked to submit names.

In addition, anyone who has reached the ages of 96, 97, 98, and 99 yrs is honored as well, in recognition of their status in Tuolumne County’s “Centenarian University of Life”. Those who are aged 96 years are freshmen, 97 years are sophomores, 98 years are juniors, and 99 years are seniors. Upon reaching the age of 100 years, those individuals will be inducted into the Centenarian Society. Their names are placed on the Centenarian Society wall plaque at the Senior Center. Each name submitted receives a personal invitation, including their families, and a certificate of recognition of their status in our community. The Senior Center provides lunch free to the honorees, and $3.50 to all others, served by community leaders and Commission on Aging members.

2011 Centenarians honored at senior luncheon
Committee Chair Cathie Peacock’s comment sums it up nicely: “To have as many Centenarians as we have in Tuolumne County, is an honor! Imagine some have gone to school in horse and buggy, and now they have seen a man on the moon, and change of century …and everything in between!”

Congrats to you all!
Below are excerpts from Lenore Rutherford’s article “Centenarians Honored at Senior Luncheon” which appeared in the UD Nov. 3, 2011.

“Sonora Area resident Frances Bartels credits her long life to working hard, staying active and never giving up. At age 105 and a half, she was the eldest member of the Tuolumne County Centenarian Society to be honored at the Tuolumne County Senior Center on Oct. 26.”

The new centenarians’ names were added to a plaque that hangs at the Tuolumne County Senior Center. Centenarian Alumni and University of Life members were also honored. See Rutherford’s article for more names and info. Names of those people 100 and up are given below.

103: Clara Holloway

102: Lurline Bird, Erma Guissi, Holly Rice (posthumous), Marian McMullen, Esther Butler

101: Odeta Lewis, Sue March

100: Virginia Bowers, Katie Holm, Ellie Koch, Camille “Mickey” Nichols, Clara Plooster, Eva Savateer (posthumous)

The Tuolumne County Commission on Aging’s next GENERAL MEETING date: Monday December 12, 1:30PM at Area 12 Agency on Aging. All our meetings are open to the public. Join us!

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