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Author Archives: Ron Ringen

About Ron Ringen

Ron has been involved with Tuolumne County his entire life starting with his parent’s family vacations here until he became a full-time resident in 1978. Ron has worked in the construction and repair business, home inspection, structural pest inspection and thermography business as a professional for over 51 years. At the beginning of 2012, Ron was first appointed to the TUD Board of Directors where he served for 11 months. His previous knowledge of the TUD system and long-time interest in water resources enable him to understand the complexity of our County’s water issues. Ron has attended all the TUD Board meetings and all the numerous committee meetings for years and continues to do so. He is extremely immersed in the County having served on the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors Planning Committee, participating in the County Natural Resources Committee and the County Water Agency Policy Advisory Committee and for the past year and a half as Vice Chairman of the County Planning Commission. Although Ron has a wide range of interests, he is now focused almost entirely on alternative energy and water issues, especially as it relates to Tuolumne County, local agriculture, the environment and the local economy. With the little time left, Ron is building his zero energy home.

Website: http://www.tudwater.com/board-meetings/tud-board-of-directors/#board-of-directors