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Helping Clients Convert Houses Into Homes: A Strategy for Success

A good real estate agent provides the goods that homebuyers need and property owners welcome. The accoutrements that beautify a room, from a bouquet of flowers to a tray of food. The accessories that better every room of a home, townhouse, apartment, or condominium. The accessories that power our devices—the devices we use for work and play—whose ranks include laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and cameras.

A good real estate agent brings housewarming gifts of measurable value and immeasurable worth. Examples include a smart thermostat (a Nest for the nest, so to speak) or a brand of smart speakers, or a SOUL power charger that keeps everything running so people do not run, so no one fills a room with a sense of despair, so no one flees a room with a look of panic.

Forget the customary gifts—the pretty but otherwise useless presents—that come in ribboned boxes, inside blue or yellow shopping bags, that connote pride, prestige, or prominence.

Give clients what they will use.

Strengthen their spirits with gifts that make a home more comfortable and inviting. Invite them to play by helping them customize their plug-and-play devices. Take the initiative by showing them how these gifts work. Take the time to do these small things, so as to instill (by installing these gifts) a commitment to service.

Have practicality triumph over pricey but impractical gifts: items that go on a shelf in a basement or garage; items that homeowners are loath to keep, but happy to give—to regift—to someone else; items that evoke a variety of feelings, but fail to help homeowners remember a real estate agent’s name.

The power of giving homeowners something they will use increases the likelihood that more clients will make use of an agent’s knowledge and expertise: that referrals will ensue, sales will follow, and commissions will climb.

Bear in mind, too, that an agent’s most effective marketing plan is neither a series of ads nor a collection of flyers. An agent’s greatest asset is his name, or rather the way his clients speak of his name.

If clients cherish and use what an agent gives, that gift has the power to generate more leads than all the commercials and billboards an agent can buy.

To have clients of such gratitude and fervor is rare. To have more of these clients is doable, so long as agents invest in and bestow tangible expressions of thanks.

Whether the gift is a device or some other consumer electronic, whether the gift is something an agent knows a client wants or suspects a household will use, what matters is that the gift itself matters.

Humble in his words and generous in his actions, the connection between an agent’s deeds and a client’s act of signing a deed—the bond is real, the trust genuine, the result remarkable.

May more agents embrace this truth.

May more agents promote this truth.

May everyone rejoice and prosper because of this truth.

Written by Lewis Fein for Copyright © 2019 Realty Times All Rights Reserved.