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Are Permanent Christmas Lights Right For Your Home?

House eves with LED Permanent Christmas lights
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Hey there, fellow homeowners! We’re here to shed some light on a not-so-traditional, but incredibly festive way to make your home sparkle year-round. Yes, we’re talking about permanent Christmas lights. If you’re curious about what they are, how they work, and why they’re gaining popularity, you’re in the right place.

Understanding Permanent Christmas Lights

So, what exactly are these “permanent Christmas lights,” and how are they different from the seasonal lights you’re used to? Well, they’re not your run-of-the-mill holiday lights. Permanent Christmas lights are designed to stay put, no matter the season. For those of you who dread putting up your seasonal lights, these are for you! They are also very customizable, allowing you to choose any colors you want along with hundreds of different animations and effects. Are you a candy cane addict and want your house to look like a candy cane? You’ve got it! Are you a die-hard St. Patrick’s Day fan? Make your house green for the day. Any holiday, any event, and you can color the lights accordingly.

5 Benefits for Homeowners

1.  Year-Round Festivity: Homeowners can create a festive atmosphere and warm ambiance in their homes throughout the entire year, providing a cozy and welcoming environment.

2.  Enhanced Curb Appeal: Installing permanent Christmas lights can increase a home’s attractiveness, making it stand out in the neighborhood and potentially raising its value in the real estate market, a significant advantage for homeowners.

3.  Energy Efficiency: Homeowners benefit from reduced electricity costs with energy-efficient permanent Christmas lights, often equipped with LED technology, which contributes to long-term savings.

4.  Low Maintenance: Homeowners can enjoy the convenience of lights that require minimal maintenance once installed, reducing the hassle of seasonal decorating and upkeep.

5.  Customization: Permanent Christmas lights offer homeowners the opportunity to personalize their home’s exterior with various styles, colors, and designs that match their preferences and their home’s architectural features, allowing for a unique and appealing look that reflects their individual taste.

Where to Get Them

You’re convinced that permanent Christmas lights are the way to go, and now you’re wondering where and how to get them. Luckily, you’ve got options to suit your preferences and skills:

Professional Installation

For those who prefer a hands-off approach or don’t have the time for a DIY project, professional installation is a fantastic choice. This is the most expensive option at anywhere between $20-30 per linear foot, but brings the peace of mind knowing that it’s done professionally and done right. When you opt for professional installation, experienced technicians will take care of every detail. They know the ins and outs of the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. Benefits of this approach include the peace of mind that comes with experts handling your installation and the time savings you’ll appreciate during the busy holiday season.

Get Everything Yourself

If you’re a DIY enthusiast and love the idea of customizing every aspect of your permanent Christmas lights, you can choose to gather all the materials and components yourself. This is the cheapest option, ranging between $4-10 per linear foot and allows you to handpick every element, from the lights to the wiring, and create a truly unique lighting display. The flexibility and freedom to design your own setup can be a satisfying and creative endeavor, making your home stand out with a personalized touch.

DIY Kits

For a balance of convenience and customization, DIY kits for permanent Christmas lights are the way to go. Here’s where our company comes into play. ShawTech Lighting’s DIY Kits offer all-in-one kits that are designed with homeowners like you in mind. Our kits typically include the lights, wiring, and other essential components you’ll need for a successful installation. These kits simplify the process, making it accessible even to those without extensive DIY experience. Whether you’re a first-time decorator or a seasoned pro, our DIY kits save you time and effort, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective experience.

So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free solution that combines convenience, quality, and affordability, consider our DIY kits for permanent Christmas lights. You’ll have everything you need to transform your home into a year-round winter wonderland with ease.


In a nutshell, permanent Christmas lights offer homeowners the chance to keep the holiday spirit alive all year long. They jazz up your home’s curb appeal, save on energy bills, need little maintenance, and let you add your personal touch. So, whether you’re all about convenience, savings, or that warm, welcoming glow, these lights are worth considering. Here’s to making your home merry and bright, 365 days a year!

Written by Realty Times Staff for Copyright © 2023 Realty Times All Rights Reserved.