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Staying Focused And Energized In The Real Estate Business

Real estate brokers are a unique breed of professionals, with the freedom to work anywhere (and everywhere) at all times of the day. Being a great broker, in particular, requires a constant shifting of gears, which includes:

  • The ability to build your own business or infrastructure.
  • The talent to find business, and get new listings.
  • The skill to cultivate current and prospective clients.
  • The competence to prep homes for sale.
  • The consistency to close deals, sell homes and earn commissions.

These demands, despite their tremendous upside, can take a toll while you engage in different types of work, from different places, at different times of the day and week. If you’re a broker or broker in training, here are five “hacks” or habits that will give you more energy and make your business more sustainable.

Collate Two Times a Day

Build the habit, at least twice a day, of stepping back to “scan” your brain. Write down all the miscellaneous tasks, reminders and actions that run in the background of your mind. By practicing this exercise on a regular basis, you will reclaim the bandwidth needed to think deeply and act more energetically. Remember: When you are on the move for most of the day, it is essential to have mobile strategies for capturing opportunities. Make a record of these things.

Sort through Your List

Identify what is essential, and eliminate whatever is not vital to your business. Next, explore who is the best person to execute a series of tasks. There are many tasks that clients can execute as well as you can, assuming they are given the right instructions.

Commit and Refine

Once you have built a system, commit to executing it rigorously for 30-60 days. Part of this project involves the act itself, while the other part concerns making notes (at least once a week) about where you are and what is (or is not) working well for you.

Get Real

You know the importance of maintaining your client relationships. Take a moment to take stock of all the people involved in making a given purchase. Consider the person or people with whom you can most easily collaborate to ease deal-related stress. Don’t assume the other broker working on the deal isn’t just as eager to close the deal as you are.

Create Your Own Balance

You may love the thrill of a deal, and the liberty of not being forced to sit at a desk, so make sure everyone in your life “loves” the rhythm of your work as much as you do. Also, given your weekend commitments, remember to carve out time for your own weekends.

The key is for a broker to have effective habits and a sustainable strategy about work. Those advantages are the result of creating systems that further tasks and priorities, while enabling you to strengthen business relationships.

This approach will let you concentrate on the project at hand without losing focus over vital alliances and of course, your own well-being.

Written by Dr. Camille Preston is the founder of Create More Flow, which accelerates business results by improving individual, team and organizational effectiveness and leadership capabilities from the inside out. Camille holds an undergraduate degree from Williams College and a doctorate from the University of Virginia. Copyright © 2016 Realty Times All Rights Reserved.