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Want to Sell More Homes? Manage Your Time

As a real estate agent, your number-one business asset is your time.

Use it wisely, and you can close more deals than most agents can probably imagine.

However, if you don’t take control of your time, then your time has a way of controlling you instead.

In addition to costing you money in lost commissions, failing to manage your time properly will also force you to work harder than necessary, and add a level of stress to your life that’s otherwise completely avoidable.

Of course, with so much on your plate — meeting with clients, arranging and hosting open houses, and listing presentations — effectively managing your time is easier said than done.

Let’s go over a few specific ways that you can get your arms around your time and use it to your financial and lifestyle advantage as a real estate agent…

Create a daily checklist

Checklists are a simple yet powerful way to get more done, in less time. From surgeons to airline pilots, professionals in high stakes, high pressure industries use checklists as their secret weapon for productivity and efficiency. And they can work wonders in real estate as well.

In addition to being convenient and effective, checklists have additional benefits too…

They’re easy to create, can be used over and over again, and they give you a feeling of positive reinforcement throughout the day as you check off to-do items that you’ve already completed.

Strategically separate work and breaks

Most people work for hours, and then take a break when they’re already exhausted. But it turns out that isn’t a good recipe for managing your time.

A better option is to work in medium-length blocks, and then take a break to recharge.

For example, researchers have found that working for 52 straight minutes, followed by a 17-minute break, can increase your productivity and help you get more done in less time.

Pre-qualify homebuyer leads

Unfortunately, most real estate agents waste far too much of their valuable time dealing with homebuyers who aren’t a good fit to work with them.

This happens mainly because, up until now, there hasn’t been a fast and effective way for agents to pre-qualify buyers based on their credit grade and financing capability. But now you can do exactly that, using new tools such as ScoreApprove.

ScoreApprove is a free, cutting edge real estate sales tool that lets homebuyers instantly find out their most up to date credit score, as well as the maximum amount they’ll be able to finance for their new home — and share it with you, their real estate agent.

By introducing your clients to ScoreApprove and having them fill out a short online questionnaire, you can learn everything you need to know about a buyer’s financing capability in seconds, saving unprecedented amounts of time and allowing you to close more deals than ever before.

Find out more or sign up to ScoreApprove for free now – Click Here.

Written by Realty Times Staff for Copyright © 2015 Realty Times All Rights Reserved.


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